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What Interior Style Suits Your Personality


Truth be told, your home is the mirror of your personality. When guests step inside your house, they can already have an impression of what kind of person you are or what your preferences could be just by merely looking at the things inside your house. However, there are times you just can’t figure out what style direction you really want for your home. It can be that you are not into aesthetics or you just don’t know how to start. 

To help you decide what style to use for your space, here is a fun guide for you to determine the interior style that best reflects your personality:


1. The Modernist

If you’re always staying ahead of the curve and you like being spotted with only the ‘in’ things, then you must go for a contemporary style pad. This style showcases the fresh and latest interiors with a chill and youthful vibe. It includes Scandi-inspired furniture as well as refined metals which are smooth and functional.


2. The Bohemian

For the free-spirited individuals, a hipster style of the house will be a good fit. Think about co-working spaces style turned into a home. The design can be urban with a touch of shabby which gives a vibe of being both structured yet open. This style is low-maintenance and calls for an anything-goes kind of aesthetics.


3. The Young Professional

This style is perfect for those career-oriented people who think their passion is their work. It offers a sophisticated look which is complemented by its modern interiors. It has refined accents and clean lines. It is usually applied to lofts or high-rise studios and condominium units. To achieve this style, you need to stick to modern yet simple decors. Stick to classicality, non-textured furniture, and smooth surfaces.


4. The Creative Soul

An eclectic style of the house is perfect for the creative individuals. This type of people has no particular preference in mind. They just want designs that can stimulate their inner artists. The design can be a mishmash of styles and colourful palette. Most of the time, the extensive design is made up of bright bold colours.


5. The Family Guy

This interior style is a good fit for those simple individuals who want their house inviting and cosy. They are the ones who like to spend a lot of time with the family and help out with the housework. This style is clean and homey. It is well-decorated but not too flashy.


6. The Minimalist

This is for the clean freaks and the followers of the less is more movement. People who fall into this category believe that an uncluttered mind allows more room for you to focus on the important things. Minimalist people like to declutter their space and leave out only practical items that they’ll use often.

It is important that your house mirrors the kind of person you are as it allows you the freedom of self- expression. If you’re looking for bespoke furniture, Bobbie Burns can help you with finding out your own style and helping you discover your taste for the interiors of your house. You can visit our website and create the style that you want. Once you have made your own style, we would be happy to make that customized furnishing for you.

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