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How to choose bespoke furniture for industrial interior design

If you are updating a living room or completely redecorating, you will no doubt be considering an overall theme, as well as how you can source furniture to match.

Getting a sofa and chairs that combine comfort with durability, but that also meet your own aesthetic ideas and choices, can be a huge part of the process.

So we thought it would be helpful to give you a guide to one of the most popular current interior design styles, and some helpful hints on furniture (including commissioning bespoke pieces).






What’s “Industrial” interior design?

In a world full of challenges – financial, political and social – there has been a huge shift towards creating homes that are stripped back, authentic and havens of relaxation.

Contemporary interior design includes the highly popular industrial look. For the uninitiated, this may seem to contradict that opening paragraph. What’s relaxing about work?

Well industrial is in fact the name given to an interior design style that takes homeowners back to a simpler, more laid-back era.

What you see is what you get, as nothing is artificial or overpowering. It can also be seen as a desire to create more uncluttered, spacious living spaces. It is reminiscent of warehouses and echoing old factories – with plenty of room to breathe.






How to achieve an industrial décor in your home

An industrial style interior design involves, for example, treated but unplastered brick walls for internal focal points.
In kitchens and bathrooms it can incorporate exposed pipework and rectangular basins.

Light fittings could be metal, and often the choice is to have them hanging from the ceiling, like they would have done in a factory or warehouse.

This style of décor sits well with the UK homeowners’ growing love affair with hardwood floors. The shine of the floor, the finish on metalwork and the careful application of mirrors can add to the illusion of additional space in a smaller room.

Accessories for the industrial look in your room

The industrial look for interior design also involves repurposed items to use as features and decorations. Such as a traditional bicycle mounted on a hall wall, or recycled barrels and crates for coffee tables and shelving. The dining furniture you would choose to achieve an industrial style décor would include combining wood and metal – preferably ironwork.

Bespoke furniture to match contemporary room design

So how would it influence your choice of bespoke furniture in the living room? To stay true to the industrial style of interior design, you would need to keep your sofa and chairs as simplistic as possible.







This is not a trend that lends itself to florals or elaborate patterns. Or to having lots of contrasting or even complementary colour combinations in your fabrics.

However, all that authentic-looking wood, metal and brick work does create a great backdrop for bespoke furniture in one bold colour. Imagine dark ironwork, bricks, recycled metal objects, and wood floors – with a deep blue or orange suite to set it off, or maybe a pastel green to soothe. You could even opt for a bright yellow or red to add warmth.

If you want to keep the industrial theme going throughout, you could use grey fabric for your sofa and chairs, or some other neutral shade.

A somewhat bare and stripped back look to a room can leave it looking a little cold. However, the addition of comfortable and stylish bespoke furniture can give it just enough of a soft edge to make it feel reassuring and welcoming.

How can I get the perfect match for my living room?

It couldn’t be easier to match your bespoke furniture to your preferred interior design thanks to Bobbie Burns. Simply choose your frame, choose a colour that suits your room and then add your preference for leg colour.

It will be produced to high standards of British design and engineering, using the traditional skills of the team at Bobbie Burns’ Bristol workshop.

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